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Avoiding Knee Injuries: More Tips for Runners

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Last time, we looked at a couple of tips for avoiding knee injuries while running. Nobody wants to have to buy rehabilitation equipment, and minimizing your risk for injury can help you avoid this expense. Here, we’ll look at two more tips for runners:

Utilize strength training

If the muscles in one part of your legs are stronger than the muscles in another part of your legs, your body will overcompensate as you run to even things out. This overcompensation will put extra stress on your joints as you run, and can easily lead to a knee injury. To minimize this risk, be sure to incorporate strength training into your workout routine. Make sure you remember to include hip exercises into your plan, as these muscles are extremely important for running, but often under-developed.

Pick the right shoes

Choosing the right shoes can help you minimize the risk for all running injuries, including knee injuries. It may take some experimentation for finding the right shoe for your foot type. Make sure to buy the most comfortable shoe you can afford. Skimping out on shoes might save you a little money up front, but it will not be worth it down the road. Get properly fitted, and try as many shoes as you need to until you find the best shoe for you.

There you have it: our tips to help runners avoid knee injuries. We hope these tips will help you avoid injury. If you need rehabilitation equipment to speed up your recovery, we can help. Shop online today and save.