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Rehabilitation Equipment: 3 Common Physical Therapy Myths Debunked

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Here at The MedCom Group, we specialize in rehabilitation equipment for rehabilitation therapy. We hear quite a few calls from both patients and professionals who speak about some of the most common myths they hear. Even though the demand for physical therapists continue to increase in America, there still seems to be myths and misconceptions that persist within the industry. Today we're here to debunk some of the most common myths surrounding physical therapy once and for all. 

  • You have to have a physician's referral in order to see a physical therapist. This is not true! In fact, in all 50 states, patients are allowed to be seen and evaluated by a physical therapist without prior referral from a physician. 
  • It's painful to see a physical therapist. This is not true as physical therapists actually work to minimize your discomfort and pain whether it's chronic or long term. Physical therapists work within your individual pain threshold to ensure that you heal, your movement is restored, and that you retain function in your injured body part(s). 
  • You only need physical therapy if you've been in an accident or have an injury. This isn't true, either! Physical therapist do a lot more than simply stretch or strengthen your muscles after you've had an injury or accident! They're experts in body movement and are highly skilled at evaluation and diagnosing possible problems before they lead into painful or disabling conditions.

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