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The Benefits Of Cold Rehab Therapy

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When I was a senior in high school, the unthinkable happened two weeks before we were headed to the state championship. Yep, you guessed it. I tore my ACL on that basketball court with four minutes left in the game. I was immediately off to surgery to tend to my knee. As expected, I was pretty disappointed about the big game in my last year as a varsity player. However, I knew track season was right around the corner and I wanted to be able to compete before graduating. I started an intense physical therapy program, but cold rehab therapy was really what made the biggest difference in my recovery. So, what are the benefits of a cold therapy machine for your knee or shoulder injury?

  • Consistent Therapeutic Temperature
    • A constant exchange of cold water with warmer water ensures that the injury site receives the same cold temperature for the duration of the therapy session.
  • Deeper Cold
    • Consistent cooling allows the therapeutic cold to penetrate deeper, which means that more of your recovering tissue will benefit from less swelling and pain.
  • Long Lasting Cold
    • A deeper, consistent cooling effect lasts longer so you will continue to benefit after therapy has stopped.
  • Better Coverage
    • Specialized wraps cover more surface area than an ice pack allowing the cold to reach all the damaged tissue.
  • Less Pain
    • Better coverage and more effective therapy means less pain.This doesn’t only improve quality of life but allows you to benefit more from physical therapy.
  • Faster Recovery
    • All these factors provide quicker healing and faster recovery. The faster you recover the more quickly you can return to a normal life.

Medcom Group provides cold therapy systems for all types of injuries and surgical recoveries.