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Sequential Compression And Rehab

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A sequential compression device is rehabilitation equipment used to prevent blood clots in the deep veins in your legs. Deep vein thromboses can form when the blood in your legs is not moving. This can happen when you are in bed for a long period after an operation or when you are on bed rest for a long time at home. Sometimes these clots break free and travel to your lungs where they can get stuck and block the flow of blood (pulmonary embolism). This is very dangerous. A sequential suppression device keeps your blood circulating through your legs like it normally does when you are walking.

A sequential compression device is made up of an air pump and plastic leggings. The leggings wrap around your legs from your ankles to your knees or thighs, or in some cases just your feet. They inflate and then deflate when air is pumped into them. The inflation cycle time varies by machine.  Most are at 60 seconds per cycle. The inflation of the sleeves forces blood from the legs or feet up toward the heart. The squeezing creates a rapid flow of blood, which prevents dangerous clots from forming. The leggings can be taken off when you get up to move around.

Sequential compression devices are used at different times:

  • During surgery.
  • While you are in bed after surgery.
  • While you are sitting in a chair.

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