Do I need a knee CPM Machine?

Do you have an upcoming knee surgery? Are you recovering from knee surgery? Has your doctor or physical therapist recommended that you use a knee CPM machine?

If yes, we’d like to:
  • Help you understand CPM Therapy and remove any mystery. (It's really not that mysterious.)
  • Help you understand that most knee CPM machines are easy to use.
  • Help you understand the benefits of having a knee CPM machine at home.
Understanding CPM Therapy and the Knee CPM machine.
Your joints are designed to move. When they don’t move, they become stiff. More than likely, you’ve experienced knee joint stiffness after a long flight or a long ride in the car. After surgery, a knee that has been repaired stiffens up from the trauma that it has experienced. Extra fluid pools around the joint to protect it. This extra fluid increases swelling. The swelling then increases pain.  
If a joint remains immobile, circulation is inhibited which can cause adhesions and scar tissue. As a result, a patient may experience complications and need to return to the hospital for additional procedures.
In order to combat this stiffness and to help decrease swelling and lessen pain, Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) therapy was developed – a clinically proven therapy that gets patients out of the hospital and back on their feet more quickly.
By slowly and rhythmically bending the knee without activating leg muscles, CPM therapy encourages circulation. This circulation lubricates the repaired joint and helps to flush out the extra fluid that has built up.  This additional circulation has the added benefit of helping to deliver more nutrients to the repair which also helps to regenerate cartilage.
So, do you need a CPM machine?
With many patients, we believe the answer should be a resounding "Yes".  However, without knowing your specific condition, we cannot give a definitive "Yes". You will need to discuss CPM usage with your doctor and receive a prescription. If your doctor hesitates, and you would like additional information to support your position, please give us a call.
We do know, from over 30 years of patient feedback, that CPM machines help reduce pain, reduce swelling, and increase range of motion.
Watch the video below to see how easy a knee CPM is to use at home. 
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