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Maintenance Tips for Common Medical Equipment

Posted by the medcom group on 30th May 2024

Regular maintenance of medical equipment is an essential task for individuals or organizations that own equipment and intend to continue using it to its safest capabilities and most effective potentia … Read More

Key Features to Look for in CPM Machines

21st May 2024

One of the most important aspects of an efficient recovery after injury or surgery is to maintain mobility and range of motion. If mobility is not incorporated into the rehabilitation process, complic … Read More

Cold Therapy Machines: Uses and Indications

13th May 2024

Cold therapy is a time-tested method for obtaining pain relief and encouraging recovery after an injury. It has a plethora of advantages, such as reduction of inflammation and soreness, and cold thera … Read More

The Most Common Rehab Equipment For Home Use

15th Apr 2024

Physical therapy equipment are important tools to encourage recovery through regained strength and mobility. After an injury or surgery, physical therapy will be an integral part of any recovery pl … Read More