How to Transport a CPM Machine

When moving a knee CPM machine to or from a patient’s room, it is recommended that it stay level, just as if it were resting on the patient’s bed.  Many facilities use carts to transport the CPMs from their utility rooms to the patient rooms in order to comply with their “Zero Lift Policy.”  Wheeled carts can take a lot of stress off the nursing and rehabilitation staff members who usually are in charge of the CPMs.  When not being used, the machine should be set flat on the ground (not leaned against the wall).  Keeping knee CPMs level helps prevent squeaking and proper range of motion calibration. 

If transporting a machine from a facility to home, the trunk of a vehicle works best.  Never allow a post-operative patient, or someone with a lifting restriction, to carry a machine.

Because the medcom group ships products nationally, many patients receive their machine via FEDEX.  They come boxed up complete with packing materials to keep the machine safe during transport.  When preparing the machine for return to the medcom group, simply place it back in the box with the packing materials to hold it in place, place the return FEDEX label on the box, and call FEDEX.  They will come to your location, pick up the machine from you, and return it to the medcom group. 

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