How long do I use my CPM machine?

This is really a two part question. How long do I use the CPM during a 24-hour period and how long do I use it in totality? The total time that you use the equipment varies depending on the type of surgery and your doctor’s orders. Usually, you will use the equipment from two to six weeks. We generally recommend that you use your CPM machine for a minimum of four to six hours per day. Since it is “passive” motion, you can usually use it for as long as you like. Please ask your doctor and/or ask one of our trained customer service representatives at 1 (877) 301-4276 for more information on usage periods.

Who will set up my equipment? Does it require professional set up by tech or PT?

Most of the time, the equipment comes ready to use right out of the box. We will send easy to follow detailed instructions on how to safely use your equipment. If you have any questions on how to use the equipment, please call one of our trained customer service representatives at 1 (877) 301-4276. In rare cases (mostly Shoulder or Hand CPM rentals), you will need to have someone else assist you with setting up your equipment. We will work with your doctor and/or therapist to ensure that the Hand or Shoulder CPM is set up properly.

Do I still need to do my exercises if I have a CPM?

Absolutely! A CPM does not replace your exercises. It is very important that you follow all of your doctor’s orders. Your doctor has probably performed hundreds of these surgeries. For this reason, you should feel confident that the exercises that are prescribed are designed to make your rehabilitation better and produce the best possible outcome for your surgery. At the medcom group, ltd.®, it is also our desire that you have the best possible outcome from your surgery.

What is Flexion?

Flexion is when you bend your joint.

What is Extension?

Extension is when you straighten your joint.

Can I use my CPM at night?

This really depends on the type of CPM. If you are using a Knee CPM, we generally recommend that you use it during the night (even if you turn the settings down so that you have a minimal comfortable bend around 40 or 50 degrees of flexion). By using your Knee CPM at night you will help to reduce the swelling and stiffness that builds up while you are immobile. Usually, this will help you to sleep better with less pain. Also, when you wake up, you will find that your knee won’t be as stiff and uncomfortable as you hang your legs over the edge of the bed.

If you are recovering from a rotator cuff repair, using your shoulder CPM for 5 or 10 minutes will help you to rest more comfortably during the night. Often there is a large amount of pain and swelling during the first two weeks of your recovery. If you are having trouble sleeping due to your painful shoulder, we recommend using your shoulder CPM.