Will it hurt?

CPM machines are prescribed because they help decrease swelling and increase blood flow to the surgically repaired joint which helps lessen pain. That being said, yes, you will feel pain. The pain, however, will be a result of the surgery, not the CPM machine. If you follow your doctor’s recommendations and utilize the CPM machine properly, you will feel less pain more quickly than if your repaired joint is kept immobile.
Think of it this way: You’ve been riding in a car all day. You’ve reached your destination and now it’s time to get out of the car. Your knees may be stiff and uncomfortable. Each step you take makes your legs feel better and better. This is due to the moving of fluid in and around your joints. You can think of this fluid as lubrication. The same goes for CPM. The more you move your knee with CPM the better it feels due to increased lubrication and a reduction in swelling.

What if my doctor did not order a CPM for my surgery?

If you are looking to reduce your swelling, reduce your pain, maintain and increase your range of motion, and inhibit scar tissue formation, ask your doctor to order a CPM for your surgery. He may not be aware that CPM therapy is easily accessible. Although rare, there are also some instances that a CPM may not be the right therapy for you.
Should I ask for a cold therapy device to help reduce my pain?
We highly recommend the use of cold therapy to help reduce your pain and swelling after your surgery. Ask you doctor if he recommends using ice after surgery.  We have many cold therapy options for you to choose from to help your recovery from Total Knee Replacement, Rotator Cuff Surgery, ACL Repair, and most other injuries. All of these devices are designed to work more efficiently than ice alone.  Some even add compression to really help to get the cold deep into the tissue and reduce your swelling.
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