Another great question that can best be answered by saying it depends.  It depends on your specific insurance policy and the procedure that you are having done.  However, the medcom group has been providing patients equipment for over 25 years and we have worked with these companies consistently over that time frame.  We have a good idea of what will or won't be covered.  If you would like to bill your insurance company, we submit over documentation for a pre-authorization.

One other thing to consider though, the prices listed on our website are our prepay prices.  Due to the time and effort it takes to bill an insurance company, the price we bill them is significantly higher.  If for some reason, you insurance company decides they are not going to pay the claim (this includes deductible, your co-pay, or any other balance that they won't pay), you will be responsible for the higher amount.  An authorization does not guarantee they will pay.  Sometimes insurance companies authorize services but later decide to deny the service due to additional information or changed policies, leaving you with the financial responsibility.

One way to avoid this is for you to utilize our special internet pricing and then submit the claim to your insurance carrier.  We can provide you with the documentation you will need to do so.

If you have additional questions, please call one of our Patient Care Representatives at 1-877-301-4276.


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