CPM Care and Repair

It is recommended that CPM machines be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each patient use. CPM pad kits are designed for single-patient use.

When not in use, knee CPMs should be placed horizontally on shelves or hung vertically on a rack, preferably in a clean utility room, and should be covered with a plastic bag when moving throughout your facility.

CPMs should receive preventative maintenance from time to time which can be done by our in-house Biomed team. For all repair issues, refer to the manufacturer’s directions, keeping in mind that the machine may be under manufacturer warranty. Please call us if you are looking for owner's or service manuals.

For questions regarding care or repair of your CPM, feel free to contact us at the medcom group by calling 1 (877) 301-4276 or emailing us at contact@medcomgroup.com.