There’s no denying the benefits of a CPM machine, but it’s not always clear whether a healthcare provider should purchase their own in-house CPM machine devices or rent them instead. There are pros and cons to both routes. It considers the healthcare provider’s supply chain, financial outlook, and patient needs to make the best decision possible.

But why does it matter whether you buy or rent CPM machines, and how does it affect patients' and healthcare providers’ success? Here is everything to consider when choosing whether to buy or rent a CPM machine today.

Why Does It Matter If You Buy or Rent?

Regardless of whether a healthcare provider purchases or rents equipment, they usually choose from the same medical equipment types and models. So why should the mode and means in and by which the equipment is acquired matter? Quite a few factors change depending on whether a device is purchased or rented, such as its overall availability, its short and long-term cost, and the rate at which it can easily be upgraded.

Secure the most successful future for your healthcare facility and your patients! An optimal healthcare environment is created by choosing whether to purchase or rent.

Buy vs Rent Equipment


Pros of Purchasing

  • Access to critical equipment at a moment's notice; guaranteed quick access to needed devices.
  • Complete patient data ownership (some rental companies may not grant long-term access).
  • Less expensive long-term

Cons of Purchasing

  • Inflexible with highly variable patient demand for equipment
  • Expensive to upgrade to the latest technology
  • Expensive short term
  • Responsible for maintenance and cleaning


Pros of Renting

  • Easily to acquire the most up-to-date technology
  • Less expensive short-term
  • Easily adaptable to many patients needing specific devices
  • Not responsible for maintenance; guaranteed to have a functional, effective device.

Cons of Renting

  • Expensive long term
  • Adds difficulty with long-term patient data
  • The delay between learning a patient needs a device and the time it takes to order and ship the device; general difficulties with managing stock

Why Work With Medcom Group?

There are several bonuses to working with Medcom Group regardless if the decision is to buy or to rent. Extensive patient resources, superior customer service, insurance help, in-house servicing, and health care provider support all help to deliver a seamless and hassle-free experience acquiring medical equipment. Furthermore, Medcom Group offers the following benefits:

  • Family-owned and operated
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Convenient online bill pay
  • Joint Commission accredited
  • 24-hour on-call service for questions or concerns
  • Standard shipping is included in all orders

Read our deep dive here to learn more about your CPM rental process.

Things to Consider

The pros and cons of each route are a helpful guideline toward the best choice for your health care center and patients. However, the individual circumstances of a healthcare facility will bear some weight in the final decision, and oftentimes, a healthcare facility will need to consider the following:

  • Operating budget
  • Patient trends
  • Population trends; corresponding stock requirements
  • Insurance needs

For example, a healthcare provider with a lower operating budget and high variability in patient numbers from month to month would benefit from renting equipment through Medcom. On the other hand, a healthcare provider with a significant amount of extra capital and relatively consistent patient numbers and needs would do well with purchasing their equipment. Similarly, a healthcare facility with an immediate need for emergency medical equipment should purchase the necessary equipment. In contrast, facilities with some cushion between patients' arrival time and when equipment needs to arrive should consider just renting equipment as required.

Acquire Medical Equipment the Medcom Way

Healthcare providers rely on quality, functional medical devices to provide the best treatment possible for their patients. Assembling a supply chain should not cause worse performance on the provider side of things; it should be conducive to high productivity, efficient outcomes, and optimal health care.

Your healthcare facility can improve significantly by perfecting how you order critical equipment. Contact the experts at Medcom Group today to get started on the best solution for you and your patients immediately!