You are allowed to do so.  The next question is usually, "Do I get a refund?"  The simplest answer is no.  We do not regularly give full refunds for our equipment.  Each time a machine leaves our office, it must first go through a comprehensive safety inspection, be meticulously sanitized and cautiously packed. Even if you do not use the equipment when it arrives to you, we will still need to re-check and re-sanitize the equipment so that our next patient will be completely protected. Also, we are not able to rent this equipment to other patients while it is in transit back and forth to you. And, shipping costs continue to rise.

However, there are some case where we will give partial refunds do to unforseen documentable circumstances like surgery cancellations, changes in doctor's orders, etc.

Please contact our Patient Care Representatives at 1-877-301-4276 if you have any questions regarding this policy.


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