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Sequential Compression Devices (SCD machines)

A Sequential Compression Device, or SCD machine, helps circulate blood in the legs of immobile patients. (SCD machines are sometimes referred to as Lymphedema Pumps. Click for info on Lymphedema Pumps.)

SCD machines work to increase circulation by gently compressing the legs.
This gentle compression helps:

  • reduce swelling
  • reduce numbness
  • increase blood flow
  • prevent blood clots

For patients who are immobile or less-mobile, the SCD can help prevent many common circulatory diseases, such as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), by increasing circulation in the lower extremities.

The SCD machine consists of:
  • a control unit
  • sleeves that fit around the calves or the calves and thighs
  • a set of re-usable connector tubing

The control unit sends a signal to the sleeves which then gently, sequentially compress the legs starting in the ankle area and working up the legs. This compression encourages better circulation.

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in using an SCD machine, you need to speak with your doctor. A test is generally required to ensure you have no blood clots that may cause further medical complications. You must have a prescription to use an SCD machine.

If you have questions and/or concerns about which SCD machine is right for you, please call one of our friendly Patient Representatives for a free consultation at 1.877.301.4276.

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