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We Can Repair and Service Your Rehabilitation Equipment

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As a medical provider, or someone that is undergoing in-home physical therapy, it can be frustrating when your rehabilitation equipment doesn't work properly or breaks down during use. At The Medcom Group, our service department is second to none when it comes to repairing and replacing parts on worn-down rehab equipment. We've serviced various models of continuous passive motion (CPM) machines, including shoulder models, knee models, and hand devices.

We work with both hospitals and home patients to get your equipment working properly in a short amount of time. With our knowledge and experience, no issue is too small or too big; we simply focus on the problem and resolve it correctly and efficiently. If you simply have a question about why your machine may not be working, we'll assist in any way we can. If it's determined that it's time to retire your current machine, we have several options that you can rent or buy at a reasonable price.

At The Medcom Group, we want patients to have access to safe and functional rehabilitation equipment. If your doctor has prescribed the use of a CPM machine or a sequential compression device (SCD), we'll make sure that yours is in top working condition. Following surgery or a severe injury, a CPM or SCD could be the perfect path to returning you top optimal health. Make sure your equipment is above par by checking with our service department today. We're always prepared to answer your questions and provide the repairs that minimize the interruption of your physical therapy.

Will my insurance pay for my CPM machine

Isn’t it frustrating that we pay thousands of dollars per year for the “privilege” of having health insurance only to find out they are not going to cover a procedure or piece of equipment we need? Sound familiar? I wish it wasn’t, but unfortunately, I hear this all too often. I get calls on a daily basis [...]

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Why do I need a prescription?

                                            I am not going to rent you the CPM machine or SCD machine you want. Why you ask? Well, unfortunately, you do not have a prescription for the machine. Most of the Durable Medical Equipment [...]

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The Different Kinds of CPM Machines

When Dr. Robert Salter first came up with the concept of Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) back in the 1970's, he envisioned patients with knee problems benefitting from the gentle, rhythmic motion his devices were intended to provide. Dr. Salter’s studies led to a number of revelations that, at the time, were ground breaking.1)  Getting a patient’s knee moving passively, [...]

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What is a Pneumatic Compression Device?

The words can be a bit scary. Pneumatic Compression Device. The first time I heard them I thought of a car being crushed or a jackhammer. If you have had one of these machines recommended to you, I can assure you, they are not that bad. In fact, they are quite the opposite. They’re [...]

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My Knee Hurts. Why would I want to move it?

Here’s an interesting fact for you. Did you know that, if you are hot, drinking a hot beverage like tea or coffee can help cool your body down? It seems counterintuitive, right? I think it does, but it is tough to argue with science, which has proven it to be true. Conversely, after a [...]

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How Do I Prepare for Knee or Shoulder Surgery?

Recovery from knee surgery is not done overnight. Depending on the surgery, it can take days, weeks, or even months. Knowing this before surgery is the first step to really helping you prepare for the recovery process.  First, ask your doctor or your doctor's medical assistant for reasonable expectations of how long your recovery will [...]

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Does my CPM machine need to be serviced?

Have you looked under the cover of one of your Knee CPM machines lately?  We receive continuous passive motion machines every day that need to be serviced because they make noise, have bad displays, or just won't run properly.  Sometimes it is as simple as replacing the hand control cable, potentiometer or power supply.  I [...]

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What is a CPM Machine?

Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) is a treatment generally used after orthopedic surgery and has been practiced for over 30 years. A Continuous Passive Motion machine (CPM) gently moves a surgically repaired joint (knee, shoulder, elbow, etc.) in order to help keep the joint flexible and internally lubricated. CPM machines have been proven to: reduce swellingreduce painmaintain [...]

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