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Find Replacement Parts for Your Therapy Machine

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As a medical provider, you rely on your equipment to provide the proper care and diagnoses for your patients. If you work in a clinic that sees a lot of patients over the course of a day, chances are that your machines are going to wear down rather quickly. While medical equipment is designed and built to withstand the rigors of regular use, there is always the chance that something is going to break or malfunction. When you need replacement parts for a therapy machine or ultrasound equipment, The Medcom Group is here to help.

It might only be a knob or connector that's broken, but without the knob or connector, your therapy equipment is useless. You can't put a patient on a continuous passive motion (CPM) machine without it being safe or stable, both for medical reasons as well as liability's sake. If your clinic's shoulder or knee CPM needs parts, Medcom will be able to connect with you with the right products at affordable prices. Please keep in mind that on certain items, only a licensed healthcare professional can order it, such as this Intelect Legend Combo machine.

Keeping your clinic on schedule requires machines that work time in and time out. If even one therapy machine goes down, you could keep patients waiting for a long time. For replacement parts, accessories, and machine purchases or rentals, contact The Medcom Group at 877-439-2111 or send us a message online, detailing what parts you need for your specific machines.

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