CPM Machines: Rent or Buy?

15th Aug 2019

The surgery is over and now you can begin your road to recovery. And while the surgery was the stressful, worrisome part of the whole process, the physical therapy and rehabilitation is where the real work (on your end) actually takes place. You might be in for weeks, or even months, of physical therapy to get you back to where you need to be, and that may come after some time on full bed rest. Thankfully, your doctor has prescribed you a CPM machine to get the healing process started. But do you rent a CPM machine or buy one?

In today’s post from the Medcom Group, we will explore that question, because the answer can only be found in examining your specific circumstances and needs. No matter what decision you come to, however, Medcom Group online has a large inventory of CPM machines available for rent or purchase, including:

  • Toe CPMs
  • Ankle CPMs
  • Knee CPMs
  • Hip CPMs
  • Shoulder CPMs
  • Elbow CPMs
  • Wrist CPMs
  • Finger CPMs
  • And lots of other medical rehab equipment

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The Case For CPM Machine Rental

CPM Machine rental from the Medcom Group makes a lot of sense for most people in most situations, which is why we are starting with this stance. The truth is that durable medical goods and equipment like a CPM Machine can be expensive to purchase outright, especially for someone who only needs access to one at their home or office for a few months.

So if you find that your circumstances reflect a shorter usage period of only a couple of months or less, considering a rental might very well be the right choice for you.

Another common rental situation is where people who are making use of a CPM machine as a part of their out-patient therapy or some other clinical care must travel or temporarily remain at home for any reason. In this case, the importance of continuing CPM machine therapy as directed by your physical therapist or doctor is crucial, and a CPM machine rental is a great idea.

The Case For Buying a CPM Machine

Although purchasing a CPM machine for use in your office or private residence can be a large initial expense, there are still plenty of situations where it makes sense to own one rather than renting one.

The first and most common situation that justifies purchasing a CPM machine is if you are a provider of physical therapy and rehabilitation services. In this case, you need the machine to provide meaningful and effective care to your clients, and renting simply bites into your bottom line over time.

Another situation where buying a CPM machine makes sense is when the surgery that you had is expected to have a longer recovery time with a substantial amount of therapy and rehab involved. For instance, if you are getting a double knee replacement, you can expect a lot of bed rest followed by a lot of time in physical therapy. Maybe you’re not having both done at once, but you plan on getting both done in the next two years. This is another situation where buying will likely save you over renting a CPM machine.

The final situation where buying makes more sense is when household can make use of the machine. By this, we mean that if you and a spouse, or a brother, or another member of your family are going to be getting similar surgeries at different times, then splitting the cost of buying your CPM machine might make sense.

Purchase Or Rent CPM Machines With Medcom Group

At the Medcom Group, we want to make sure that no matter what your individual situation looks like, we have solutions that work for you, your timeline, and your wallet. That is why we rent, sell, provide parts and service for, and offer 24-hour support for CPM machines. You won’t find a more comprehensive selection of CPM machines combined with our level of customer care and service anywhere else.

To find the CPM machine you are looking for, to rent or to buy, visit our CPM machine product page online. For answers to your questions, check out our FAQ page, or call us directly at (877) 301-4276 to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives.