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Everything You Need To Know About CPM Machines

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Continuous passive motion (CPM) machines offer a variety of benefits for people recovering from knee injuries or total knee replacements. These unique medical devices can not only improve the range of motion in your knee, they can help decrease pain and discomfort during the recovery process. At Medcom Group, we’re proud to be a leader of providing high quality rehabilitation equipment to patients, hospitals and medical facilities across the globe. Our CPM specialists have come together to provide you with a complete guide to continuous passive motion machines to address any questions you may have.

What is a Continuous Passive Motion Machine?

A continuous passive motion machine is an innovative medical device that gently and slowly moves your joint while you are resting in bed. There are a few common reasons why one might need a CPM machine.

  • If you injure your knee and require a total knee replacement surgery or a rotator cuff repair surgery. 
  • To help treat osteoarthritis 
  • A fracture in your leg or arm

The Benefits of a CPM Machine

CPM machines are an excellent treatment option for those who require physical therapy. A continuous passive motion machine can help you recover from surgery or injury in a variety of ways.

CPM machines can improve the range of motion in your arm or leg

After you set up your CPM machine, it will automatically bend and flex your injured joints for you. CPM machines can help prevent scar tissue from forming and can also help prevent pain in your knee. Depending on the type of surgery you’re recovering from, your healthcare provider may program your CPM machine to increase the amount your joint is being flexed over time.

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CPM Machines can help you get stronger more quickly

While your CPM machine gently exercises your leg muscles to prevent them from getting weak, your tendons and ligaments may also get stronger in the process. This is very beneficial to those recovering from surgery because it means they may recover faster!

CPM Machines can reduce your pain and increase blood flow A CPM machine will automatically elevate your leg or arm, which leads to a decrease in swelling and pain. This also helps to improve the blood flow to your injured joint, which can help you recover faster.

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