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Why Does Continuous Passive Motion Help to Heal?

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When you have undergone joint surgery and are working on your recovery, it’s crucial that you follow your prescribed therapy protocols to the minute detail. Without doing so, you could deprive yourself of the most complete recovery that you can attain.

Many people actually fail to commit to their physical therapy like they should, and instead never quite fully recover to an optimal state. We here at the Medcom Group sell and rent a product that is commonly used in joint surgery recovery, and believe that understanding how these types machines help people to heal, might inspire them to dedicate to their own well-being just a little more.

In today’s blog post, we will look at how a CPM machine — that stands for continuous passive motion — can help you get back to being your most physically able self once again. To see our products, visit us online.

Zero-Impact Movement

Although rest and stillness are important for a joint recovering from surgery, at some point, motion becomes necessary to begin to flush fluids, and regain mobility in the joint. To protect the joint, you want to apply as little force and impact to it as possible. With a CPM machine, you relax your muscles entirely, and the CPM machine does all the work for you with no impact or force.

Reduction of Swelling

Post-surgery inflammation is caused by an accumulation of different fluids in the joint and can cause stiffness and pain. Movement of the joint allows for the natural shift and movement of these fluids out of the joint, but it must be done carefully to avoid reinjury. Using a CPM machine can both reduce swelling and allow for a greater freedom of movement and range of motion.

Increase of Blood Flow

Moving a joint, even passively, indicates to your body that more blood should be sent there. This circulation trigger is much like raising your hands and pumping your fingers when your hands are swollen, or repetitively making a fist when you are donating blood. Fresh blood helps with healing.

Prevention of Scar Tissue

A joint that has been through a trauma like surgery has a tendency to form scar tissue. This tissue can be completely benign, or can sometimes cause discomfort and prevent you from achieving a full range of motion. Gentle flexing and extending of a joint, or gentle rotation in the case of a ball joint — such as that provided by using a CPM machine — can help to prevent formation of scar tissue.

Increase in Range of Motion

Your ultimate goal after joint surgery is to regain strength, stability, and a full range of motion. A CPM machine promotes increasing a fuller range of motion through loosening the joint, providing passive repetition, and strictly controlling the range of motion to a safe and consistent level. This could help to get you working on strength and stability faster, and speeding up your overall recovery.

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