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How Does Cold Therapy Promote Healing?

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If you’ve ever suffered from an injury, you may have applied ice to the injured area to help reduce pain and swelling, but do you know why? Understanding the science behind cold therapy will help you understand why cold therapy machines are often used for a more efficient and speedy recovery.

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Cold Therapy Numbs Nerve Endings

Cold therapy can help reduce the sensitivity of injured nerve endings so you feel less pain. Cold temperature on your injury will slow down communication between your body and your brain, resulting in less discomfort.

Cold Therapy Slows Down Cellular Metabolism

While cold therapy slows down communication in your body, it also reduces the overall activity of cells, slowing down the normal cycle of cell death. The reduction of your cellular metabolic rate can prolong the life of your cells, reducing the amount of repair required in your injured muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Compression Enhances The Benefits Of Cold Therapy

As you may already know, compression can be very beneficial to the healing process. External pressure on an injury can help reduce the swelling of damaged tissue, resulting in a speedier recovery. Compression can also help prevent edema, which is the buildup of excess fluid in the body or injured area, by promoting your body’s circulation. When you get injured, the damaged tissue should be exposed to ample amounts of oxygen and nutrients to help repair itself. Active compression can help supply your injury with fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients.

How Does A Cold Therapy Machine Accelerate Healing?

Cold therapy machines use cold temperatures and compression to help you recover quickly from injuries. Most cold therapy machines constantly circulate cold water through an ice reservoir, so the temperature remains cool and consistent throughout the entire therapy session. The added compression allows the therapeutic cold to penetrate deeper into the damaged tissue of your injury, for a more effective and speedy recovery.

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