Breg Fusion Knee Brace

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Designed utilizing cutting-edge ProForm technology, Breg’s Fusion Knee Brace was made for those that require an additional level of ligament protection. From sports and contact activities, to everyday tasks, the Breg Fusion Knee Brace is designed to provide users the most in knee support.

Commonly Used For

  • ACL
  • PCL
  • Collateral Ligament protection

Fusion Knee Brace Features

  • AirTech® Frame Pads – leading designs allow Breg’s Fusion Knee Brace to wick away moisture while promoting sufficient airflow throughout the user’s affected area. The result is skin that is cool to the touch for the most in comfort.
  • Pivot Point Strap Tabs – No two knees are alike, which is why the Fusion Knee Brace features pivoting velcro straps that allow you to specifically shape your brace for the most precise fit, ample suspension, and exceptional comfort.
  • ProForm Technology – A knee brace is only as effective as its design, which is why the Fusion Knee Brace uses ProForm Technology for a superior fit and an additional level of protection.


Warranty Information

Part # Description
01209 Fusion® Custom Color/Pattern
01207 Fusion® Custom
005XX Fusion® Prefabricated, Left
007XX Fusion® Prefabricated, Right
976XX Refurbish Kit (Thigh), Left*
979XX Refurbish Kit (Thigh), Right*
982XX Refurbish Kit (Calf), Left*
983XX Refurbish Kit (Calf), Right*
00522 Condyle pad (set of 2)
* Kit contains frame pads, straps and instructions