Interferential Stimulator (IFC)

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The CS6101 Interferential Stimulator was specifically designed for the health care market. The unit incorporates interferential and NMS protocols, and was built to provide a portable user-friendly experience for the patient, while offering a myriad of possibilities for the clinician. The device’s user-friendly menu, and easy to read LCD screen enables the patient and clinician to easily scroll between treatment parameters. The result is a quick and precise setup for the clinician and a comfortable and pleasant experience for the patient.  The CS6101 comes to you as a complete kit including the CS6101-K01 Interferential Stimulator, custom cut foam-lined carrying case, CS1210A AC adapter, CS2110B lead set, (1) set of CS1304 electrodes, CS00617A carrying pouch with clip, clinician manual, and instruction manual.

Mechanism of Action:

Interferential Stimulation:

  • Small electrical impulses are sent through the skin into damaged tissues within the body
  • Creates a massaging action on the affected area intermittently
  • The impulses block nerve impulses to modify pain perception in the area
  • The impulses stimulate the tissues to increase blood flow to the area
  • The impulses stimulate the production of hormones that promote healing
  • The impulses help eliminate the swelling and edema locally


  • Interferential Two-channel protocols (4-lead output)
  • Rechargeable, long life, quick charge NiMH battery
  • Clinical compliance metering built in
  • Water resistant front touchpad
  • Easy to read alphanumeric graphic display
  • Flexible treatments using Pause/Resume function
  • Five preset protocols including NMS and IF


*This product requires a prescription from your physician