sam® Sport Kit

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The sam® Sport is the first and only FDA cleared wearable Low Intensity Ultrasound device delivering multi-hour treatment to accelerate healing and functional improvement for musculoskeletal injuries and pain. sam® was developed as a next generation wearable ultrasound therapy system which combines miniaturization technology into a small and portable ultrasound therapy system.  sam® is the most advanced wearable sustained acoustic medicine device providing Low Intensity Ultrasonic wave which can penetrate up to 5 centimeters into tissue for accelerated tissue healing and pain reduction (without opioid based pain medication).

The military-medical-grade housing is coated with a molded label, and each system is uniquely serialized with laser engraving. Additional features include data capture and treatment history monitoring upgrades. The system utilizes single use coupling patches that are less messy than traditional ultrasound gels since they have a patented gel-capture seal. The ultrasonic energy generates deep heat within the body's tissues which provide pain relief, decreases muscle spasms, treats joint contractures and increases local circulation.

Primary mechanism of action for sam® Sport

  • Accelerated collagen laydown (helps your body heal a wound or damage)
  • Accelerated angiogenesis effect for capillary development (the system helps your body build new blood vessels)
  • Accelerated cytokine enzyme and lactic acid depletion (helps your body eliminate these toxic chemicals which decreases inflammation in the treatment area)
  • Accelerated oxygenated hemoglobin in muscles (more oxygen is good for your body and recovery)
  • Increased blood flow


  • Frequency (continuous) - 3 MHz
  • Power (energy density) - 1.3 Watts (0.132 W/cm2)
  • Beam Form - Wide Beam, 5 degree diverging lens
  • Transducer Dimension - 5 cm2 emitting surface area (circular)
  • Treatment Time - 4 hours per day
  • Recharge Time - 4 hours
  • Warranty - 4 months
  • Coupling patches - Kit includes 90 patches, 45-90 treatment days, latex free and hypoallergenic
  • Interface - Color LED panel, simple and intuitive
  • Safety - sam® sensing mode measures temperature under the coupling patch and enters a cooling period/rest cycle if the temperature reaches a threshold


  • sam® accelerates injury recovery, post op recovery and provides rapid pain reduction
  • Pain reduction and functional improvement begins in the first week of use
  • Most injuries are healed in 4-6 weeks
  • sam® can be worn at work or for at home treatment
  • sam® accelerates functional improvement as well as maximum medical improvement
  • decreases or eliminates the need for opioid based pain medication


Introduction to sam® Sport



For more information on application of the sam® Sport/Pro 2.0, click HERE



*this product requires a prescription from your physician

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