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Extension/Flexion: -10 to 120 degrees
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COVID19 is currently disrupting all facets of life across our country, including the ability to have elective surgeries.  For the past 32 years, the medcom group has strived to provide the best equipment to our patients and facilities.  These years of experience have allowed us to develop cleaning procedures above and beyond the requirements of the Joint Commission and Centers for Disease Control and we have been utilizing them for over a decade.  Rest assured, the equipment you receive from us has been fully disinfected and cleaned to the highest standards.  Additionally, we have processes in place to ensure we are following all social distancing requirements.  We can ship a unit to you and then setup, fit and orientate you to the machine remotely, with no direct contact required.  If you have any questions about our process, please reach out to one of our Patient Service Representatives at 877-301-4276.



  • The Kinetic Spectra Knee CPM possesses the latest in CPM technology.

  • Accommodates CPM for knee and hip surgery patients.

  • Feel less pain and reduce swelling in the affected joint.

  • Stop the formation of scar tissue while improving your overall range of motion (ROM)


The Kinetec Spectra Knee Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) machine represents the latest breakthrough in CPM technology with its true, anatomical motion. This anatomical motion provides greater comfort during use which increases compliance and contributes to more favorable outcomes. An unbeatable combination of good looks and mechanical innovation set the Spectra apart as the knee CPM machine of choice. The entire spectrum of needs for knee surgery or hip surgery patients can now be addressed with one machine. The Spectra Knee CPM machine has a carriage that accommodates all patients, age 8 to 80, without any additional accessories. FREE ground shipping to and from your house, 24 hour phone service for questions or concerns, and a FREE Knee CPM pad kit are all included.

Once you receive your Kinetic Spectra Knee CPM machine, all you have to do is remove it from the box, make three easy adjustments to fit it to your leg, define your range of motion, and turn the machine on to begin the healing process. Should you have concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to contact one of our support specialist, free of charge, at any time of day or night.


  • Anatomically correct alignment

  • Wide carriage (10") accommodates all patients

  • Hyperextension (-10°) to full Flexion (120°)

  • Exclusive Load Reverse ensures patient protection

  • Lightweight, only 24 pounds!

  • Sleek design incorporates dual carry handles

  • Waterproof digital hand control that snaps conveniently into the foot support

  • Pause setting for up to 15 minutes of rest

  • Weight:24 lbs. (53kg)

  • Length:37" (94cm)

  • Full leg size:28"–41" (71–104 cm)

  • Tibia:15"–23" (38–58 cm)

  • Femur:13"–18" (33–46 cm)

  • Free ground shipping included

  • Easy-to-follow instructional DVD and clear written instructions

  • Pre-installed, ultra-comfortable pad kit

  • Toll free 24-hour phone support from experienced technicians

  • Return shipping label included

It is very important to do everything that your doctor and physical therapist tell you to do including your exercises!  Using both a Knee CPM and doing your recommended exercises will enhance your recovery while also reducing your pain and swelling.

Many doctors recommend using your Knee CPM machine at night to avoid waking up with a stiff, immobile knee in the morning. Usually, you can set your machine to 30 or 40 degrees of motion, lower the speed and still have a very restful night with less pain and swelling.  Use your knee CPM machine during the day at the end range of motion for flexion/extension levels and increase the speed. You never want to feel pain with the Knee CPM machine. If you do, decrease the range of motion until you no longer feel the pain. Your goal is to feel a light stretch at the end range of motion points. This will help reduce pain and swelling while increasing your range of motion.


In the event we are out of the Spectra model, we will substitute with another anatomical knee CPM like the Chattanooga K1 or KLC Flexmate K500.


We Accept Medicare for Total Knee Replacements!

Select play below to view an instructional video on how to use the Kinetec Spectra hand control.



For more information, call today for a free consultation with a friendly Patient Representative, 1-877-301-4276.

*This product requires a prescription from your doctor.


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  • 5
    Easy to use

    Posted by Calvin beatty on 11th Aug 2022

    I have used this type cpm when I had my other knee replaced. This machine gives the range of motion needed and with ease of use.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 19th May 2022

    Helped a lot.

  • 5
    Superb customer service and helpful machines post-op

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Sep 2019

    I underwent bilateral hip arthroscopy in 2019 and I rented two knee CPM machines from Medcom. Post-op the knee CPM machines are helping me rehab my hips while I sleep. The knee CPM machines also help me sleep because they reduce my back discomfort, while sleeping on my back, by gently and subtly oscillating between extending and flexing my lumbar discs. The knee CPM machines have the additional benefit of reducing the risk of blood clots post-op, whereas iflatable pneumatic compression devices reduce the risk of blood clots but do not give some of the other benefits of the knee CPM machines, which are jump-starting rehabilitation and reducing the risk of scar tissue formation in soft tissue perforated to reach the hip joint intra-operatively. The knee CPM machines post-op make sense in light of the physician assistant that instructed my caretaker to move my legs and hips, during some the post-op period, almost exactly as the knee CPM machines do. My caretaker no longer needed to do this for me as I would get over seven hours of essentially the same movement every day, via the knee CPM machines. The surgeon instructed me to avoid hip external rotation and hip extension for several weeks post-op. This is easy to follow at least when I sleep because the knee CPM machines keep my hip from externally rotating (as long as I properly orient the knee CPM machine and pad the lower leg support with some rolled up t-shirts to better secure my lower leg), and I can precisely dial in the end range-of-motion of the CPM machines to stay well clear of hip extension. The rehab instructions indicate that I should use an upright stationary bicycle everyday, as early as the night of surgery, and for several weeks thereafter, and while a CPM machine causes passive hip and knee movement, clearly the rehab protocol encourages some hip and knee movement early in the rehab period. I'd like to share some information that helped me when renting knee CPM machines. I'm glad that I rented the CPM a few days before surgery because this gave me a chance to experiment with adjusting, and learning to use, the CPM machines while I was more mobile, and in less pain, than I would be that first night post-op. If you are generally not very flexible or if you have gotten cramps then I suggest stretching your calves before using the CPM machines. If you want to better secure your legs, make available some t-shirts (or sweatshirts or sweatpants) that you don't mind rolling up to stuff between your leg and the included fabric support layer, and that you don't mind possibly rolling about any surface that produces discomfort while you use the CPM machine. If you will use two knee CPM machines simultaneously, then have a stiff and preferable thin cushion available to place between the knee CPM machines. This will prevent the knee CPM machines from banging into each other. The knee CPM machines arrived impeccably clean, as did the padding on which I rest my legs. I found that the two gentlemen that helped me in the rental process were knowledgeable, attentive listeners, professional, and extremely polite. They patiently answered all questions clearly and made the entire process quite easy.

  • 5
    Excellent Experience

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Aug 2019

    The entire rental process from ordering to return far exceeded my expectations. Lisa and Jason are consumate professionals who are very customer service oriented. The device I received was clean and functioned well. The return of this device was very easy as well. I thank medcom for their service and will certainly use them with any future medical device rentals or purchases.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Jun 2019

    Very good product and I recommended

  • 5
    Glad my hip surgeon prescribed this post surgery!

    Posted by Sue in Georgia on 20th Aug 2017

    This Spectra CPM was easy to use and helped me so much after my hip surgery! Being able to set the range of motion degrees and increase them incrementally as I could tolerate benefited me in my recovery. MedCom made deliveries very easy.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Feb 2017

    The machine worked great. I rented it for a friend. Four weeks after surgery her knee was stiff and therapy was not helping. The machine was amazing. She got almost full motion in the three weeks she had the machine.

  • 5
    Company and product 10 /10

    Posted by Dennis on 5th Sep 2016

    Great customer service from start to finish and in between.

  • 5
    Unexpected Service

    Posted by Michael Y on 27th May 2016

    Thank you guys for your amazing service. Your company is extremely professional and that is really a comforting thing to have. We do not usually receive this kind of Service in Hawaii and it definitely put me at ease. Thank you so much.