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CPM Machine Rentals

Why Use a CPM Machine

If you have an upcoming joint surgery, please consider utilizing our CPM Rentals. A CPM Machine or Continuous Passive Motion Machine is a treatment generally used after orthopedic surgery and has been practiced for over 30 years. It has been proven to:
  • reduce pain
  • reduce swelling
  • inhibit the formation of scar tissue
  • maintain & increase Range of Motion (ROM)

Learn More About Knee CPM Rentals

A patient’s joint (knee, shoulder, ankle, etc.) moves slowly and continuously while using a CPM Machine. This gentle, passive movement does not engage the patient’s muscles around the repaired joint. The continuous motion works to keep the joint flexible and lubricated while helping to increase the patient’s range of motion, reducing the risk of complications.

  • CLICK HERE or scroll down to watch our Knee CPM Informational Video
  • CLICK HERE for a preview of our Instructional Video supplied with each CPM rental
  • CLICK HERE to view a shoulder CPM machine in action .
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To see a knee CPM machine in action, please watch our informational video below.